A short peek into our history

The DLRG was founded in 1913 after a tragic accident at the Baltic Sea port Binz /Rügen during which a pier broke down. 17 people, 7 children among them, died. To prevent a second occurrence of such a tragedy the DLRG was called into life, its first aim being fighting the "cold death". Our maxime: each non swimmer a swimmer, each swimmer a life guard. At this time about 5000 people per year drowned in Germany. Since then, the DLRG and other organizations have worked to spread swimming skills.  Also due to an organized surveillance of beaches and river banks the number of drownings could be reduced to about 500 per year, most of which occurr at unguarded sites. 

In 1993 the DLRG and other Life Guard organizations founded the International Lifesaving Association.

What we do

The local DLRG branch has set itself several goals, which are pursued at the Geilenkirchen indoor swimming pool:

  • swim training for beginners
  • training for advanced swimmers
  • training of life guards

Our training times:

Mondays, 18:00 - 19:00 hrs for beginners and advanced swimmers

Mondays, 19:00 - 20:00 hrs for Life Guard Training


Additionally, we are on watch duty at some of the local lakes during the summer.


If you have questions or are interested in our work please feel free to contact us. Please send a mail to geschaeftsstelle@geilenkirchen.dlrg.de or give us a call at 02453-382102.